8/11 Day Campaign – Cake Delivery – What is a big celebration without a cake?

This past year, OUNC spent $40,000 worth of advertising promoting Call 811 on Northwest Radio in particular on the Lars Larson show. On behalf of the Board of Director’s, Adam Franco, of the One Call Center was interviewed on the show. By using the pilot initiative used by Indiana 811 to look for a fresh way to get the media’s interest on August 11, OUNC delivered 8/11 Day cakes. Along with the cakes, OUNC provided information on the 811 program to the radio station to help spread the word. The idea for cakes came from knowing how early morning radio people wake up and how eager they are to get some food during their shifts. Also, the cakes showcased utility markings as well as the 811 logo and were made by a local family owned bakery in SE Portland called His Bakery. His Bakery is also joining in the promotion of the 811 program by providing Dig Safely materials for their customers on their counters. The board also recognized and thanked the staff of the One Call Center with a cake of their own for all their hard work and commitment to being part of the national effort to raise awareness of safe digging practices, and encourage the use of 811 to request locates of underground facilities and will participate in future 811 Day celebrations. Please listen to the podcast!

Listen to a clip from the Lars Larsen Show