Responsibilities of Excavators

  • Contact Oregon 811 within two full business days but no more than 10 business days before digging, except for emergencies.
  • Ensure all information on the locate request is accurate and contact Oregon 811 if a correction is needed.
  • Ensure that utilities have responded before beginning excavation. If a utility has not responded or the markings in the field are incorrect, contact the notification center.
  • Contact any other utilities in the area that are not notified by Oregon 811 and report non-members to Oregon 811.
  • Positive Response (locate status) requirements include status provided by the operator and that the status be checked by the excavator. Details about positive response including meaning of the codes may be found here.
  • Dig with reasonable care, following best practices for excavation.
  • Contact Oregon 811 in the event of a damaged, dislocated, or disturbed underground facility.
  • Call 911 in the event of an emergency involving the release of gas or hazardous materials, injuries, or dangers to the public.
  • It is the responsibility of the excavator to maintain locate markings for the life of the ticket or the project.