Thank you for your interest in serving on the Oregon Utility Notification Center Board of Directors. The 21 members of our board represent a diverse spectrum of stakeholders who have a role in reducing damages to underground facilities and promoting public safety related to excavation issues. Our members oversee the statewide contact center, Oregon’s administrative rules related to the dig laws, and ongoing training and educational outreach programs.

The Oregon Revised Statutes establishing and guiding the work of the Oregon Utility Notification Center are ORS 757.542 to 757.993, and the related Oregon Administrative Rules are OAR 952-001-0001 to 952-001-0100.

You can view who currently represents each position on the OUNC Board at

Expectations of board members:

  • Attend a quarterly board meeting at various locations around the state and/or via remote access
  • Must represent your industry as designated by the seat you fill, ensuring two-way communication between your industry and the board.
  • As a volunteer board, any time or expenses incurred are the individuals or their employers responsibility

How to apply:

  • To apply to the OUNC Board, click HERE:
  • Include your resume
  • Include a bio detailing your experience, key tasks, awards
  • A letter of recommendation from an organization represented by the seat you are seeking (e.g. League of Oregon Cities, Association of Oregon Counties, Associated General Contractors, Northwest Utility Contractors Association, etc.)
  • Submit all required materials to the website as instructed.

Currently vacant positions:

Governor links:

If you have questions or need additional information, send us a note at