811 on the Internet

log-onProcessing locates on the Internet is FUN! No sitting on hold! No waiting for an operator to answer the phone. You can process your requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Registering to process your locate requests online is easy. Go to www.callbeforeyoudig.org – click the icon that guides you to the professional excavator area, and then to ITIC (short for INTERNET TICKET). You’ll be guided to a registration page where you’ll enter your email address, phone number, and click on the button to register. Once your request has been processed, you are ready to start processing your locates! You’re provided with a user manual, explaining how to communicate with the computer system, helping to ensure your requests are handled in the most expedient manner. Bingo – before you know it, your fingers are flying. Getting your work done in record time! Because of the time constraints and urgency needed to process EMERGENCY requests, processing EMERGENCY tickets over the Internet is not allowed. But for all, your normal 48 hour request, you’ll find nothing simpler!

The ITIC system is constantly being upgraded with new enhancements and upgrades – improving your input experience. The newest enhancement is “Duplicate a Dig”. By imputing a previously processed ticket number, you can duplicate information from any previous ticket without affecting anything about a previous request. This can be used as a simple ‘cut and paste’ maneuver to save on key strokes, or to transfer a ticket from one contractor to another.

Become a part of the newest technology offered in processing your locate requests! It’s simple, easy, and convenient.