City of Newberg goes that extra mile to reduce damages to it’s sewer system

spotlight-feb08During the recent Verizon FTTP project in the City of Newberg, Verizon worked to place almost 300,000 ft of new underground conduit in the public right of way. At times during the project, there could be as many as 15 underground directional drilling crews working at one time. To minimize impact on the city water, sewer and storm systems, and the citizens, Ron Layne, one of the public works staff members was assigned full time to work with Verizon and the contractors. Ron was the point of contact between Verizon field crews and the city, worked closely with the locators, and often worked long daily hours to personally locate sewer laterals that had been installed before records were kept to help minimize utility damages and service interruptions. Due to Ron’s actions, the project was completed on schedule, with fewer that anticipated damages to the City of Newberg sewer system and other utilities. Ron also coordinated all repairs with the contractors and city staff, insuring that all parties worked together to resolve damages and insure repairs were done correctly, and quickly. This cooperation between the City of Newberg and Verizon reduced the overall costs to both the city and Verizon, and helped keep the project on schedule.

In the Picture, Ron is seen checking on an excavation repair of a damaged sewer lateral.